Warringah Mall is the largest carpark in the Southern Hemisphere. Holman Engineering developed a way finding systems to advise shoppers of the number of spaces there are around the various sections of the Carpark. There are many similar systems around, but none that have the accuracy of the Holman Engineering system. The Holman system has achieved accuracy in vehicle movements of 0.2%. The system efficiently directs traffic to the most readily accessible locations reducing emissions, and maximizing utility of available parking lots. The system consists of over 75 electronics signs, 116 loops detectors which monitor car movements through 9 zones and 18 sub zones. The data is collected using 44 Node points. The system logs and stores data locally with the data being collated on a centralised database which allows in depth analysis. This centralised control system allows users to see what occupancy and car movement levels there have been throughout the carpark on an overhead photo of the venue.The system can be accessed remotely from Holman's engineering offices to carry out software maintenance and to monitor system performance.